JWCM Hosts Wig Out





Adults, dressed in casual Friday night wear with colorful wigs on their heads and iced drinks in their hands floated on foot from bar to bar offering laughs, conversation and cash donations to members of the Junior Women’s Club of Midtown (JWCM) for their Sixth Annual “Wig Out’ fundraiser event on July 8.


The two-day event, aimed at raising money for the national charity Wigs for Kids highlighted one of the growing fundraisers in the city of Tallahassee centered around a great cause.


“I honestly didn’t know what I was donating for until I put my money in the bucket and asked, hey, what are you guys collecting money for?” Robin Montford asked.


Montford, who happened to be wandering with friends along Thomasville Road in search of fun on a warm summer night, stumbled across a member of the JWCM in a neon pink wig and became curious when he saw more and more people with colorful wigs on.


“The more I looked, the more wigs I saw … it was odd at first but once the lady explained what was going on, I understood it was for a good cause and threw my money in the bucket,” Montford said.


“Wig Out” has continually grown over the years and the event keeps getting bigger and better in terms of participants and donations, according to attendees.


“I have attended the event the last two years and I thought the idea was amazing,” James Pike said.


Pike, who attended the event with a friend, wore a unicorn-like wig and praised the direction the fundraiser was headed in.


“Having two friends that lost their hair at a young age due to chemotherapy, I know how important a fundraiser and cause like this is for a kid’s self-esteem,” Pike added. “The more people hear about this great cause, I’m sure the more exposure this event will get.”


Wigs for Kids have been making custom hair pieces for kids, for free, for the last 30 years. With the most common custom pieces being made for kids losing hair due to cancer treatment; kids who suffer from alopecia, an attack on hair follicles by the immune system, have benefited from custom pieces as well.


The JWCM raised a total of $1,455 for their two-day fundraiser. 100 percent of the proceeds are going straight to Wigs for Kids.


For more information regarding upcoming events, membership and donations to the Junior Women’s Club of Midtown visit http://www.gfwcmidtownjuniors.org/