New Super Market Schedules to Break Ground in College Town

The rumors can now be put to rest. Yes, that’s right! A new Publix Super Markets Inc., is planning to make Tallahassee their home.

The chain will open its supermarket in an evolving Tallahassee area.

The store will be in College Town located on Gaines Street, where the Culpepper Construction and Carlstedt's buildings are located. It will be alongside GrassLands Brewing Company.

Only eight traffic lights away, many students will no longer have to travel to the Ocala Road Publix to buy their groceries.

Residents are excited that a new grocery store is coming to College Town. Chelsea Pittman, fourth-year Florida State hospitality management student, believes the new location is perfect.

“It caters to all of the new student housing that was just built. It also helps students to disperse to a different location. This new Publix won't compete with the Ocala location. Both will receive the same amount of business, just less traffic. It will be a much more enjoyable experience to shop,” Pittman said.

Danny Shrine, co-owner of Full Press Apparel Inc., believes the chain is a great addition for the area.

“As the owner of the establishment since 1997, I am very excited to see the continuous growth in College Town and think it will be a great fit to the neighborhood. Also, student residents and professionals have another great option to eat,” Shrine said.

However, some members of the community are concerned that the new addition will enhance traffic in the College Town area.

Ashanty Cox, fourth-year interdisciplinary social science student, feels the extension isn’t necessary.

“Gaines Street is already overflowing with traffic, so adding another Publix is only going to make it worse. The Ocala location was never bad, it is busy but never overbearing,” Cox said.

According to the 10-page memorandum of Publix’s lease, the property’s landlord is Summit Holdings XV, LLC based in LakeLand. The memorandum also stated the effective date of the lease began Feb. 18, 2016. 

The new Publix store is planned to open early 2018.