Slide the City slides to Tallahassee

This Saturday Tallahassee was treated to a summer fun they wouldn’t forget, Slide the City came and gave the people of Tallahassee an experience they would never forget.

People from all over the city were decked in swim suits and floating inner tubes racing for their chance to go back down the 1,000-foot inflatable water slide. Downtowns College Avenue was transformed overnight into Tallahassee’s very own water park.

All ages came out to experience this one of a kind event and enjoy a day of fun in the sun in the middle of the otherwise busy downtown streets.

Going down the slide was just the adrenaline rush Mercedes Johnson, a sophomore at TCC, was asking for, with her unlimited pass she enjoyed herself to the fullest going up and down the slide as much as she could.

“It was way more fun than I thought it would be, it’s a rush going down the slide and not being able to stop yourself, you have to just hold on and enjoy the ride,” said Johnson.

A DJ played while patrons enjoyed food from Smackin Good Wings, Sworlz Cupcakes, Diva Pops, Hungry Howie’s and enjoyed the great Tallahassee weather.

The anticipation for the event had the energy on high as people raced up the hill as soon as they got to the bottom for their chance to go back down again.

For the people that were enjoy the nice hot weather and wanted a cool down Kona Ice was there with snow cones to keep people refreshed.

Desta Cahoon a Tallahassee native took the day off just for the for the event, stating this was an experience she was not going to miss out on.

“The weather is perfect and were all just having a good time, this is unlike anything I have ever done and I’m happy I decide to come out. I’ll definitely come back if they decide to bring it to Tallahassee again,” said Cahoon.

Spencer Hunn, owner of Slide the City, was out enjoying the sunny weather and giving Tallassee a good time like no other.

“I love Tallahasssee, I’ve been here before and I had a great time, I am excited to bring Slide the City here and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I do,” said Hunn.  

Hopefully because of the great turn out and strong support Slide the City can become a yearly event to kick off the summer in Tallahassee.