Rock and Roll Legend Prince is gone but not forgotten

Prince Rogers Nelson was a legendary singer and songwriter who was well known for being a musical innovator and icon. So when the news about his recent death hit the world, it hit hard.

Kathleen Gordon, Prince fan from Miami grew up in his era, “I grew up in his era and I listened to his music. We are actually around the same age. When I found out that he passed away, I was devastated. I felt like we had lost a real musical icon.”

The seven-time Grammy Award winner began his career in 1976 and continued to make music up until his shocking death on April 21.

He gave the world hit songs that will forever be remembered like, “When Doves Cry” and “Purple Rain.” He brought his innovations to the world by becoming a multi-instrumentalist, a record producer, an actor and a film director.

Prince was famously known for his wide vocal range and his flamboyant style.

“He loved being dressed up and always had his hair and makeup done,” Natalie Jones, a Prince fan from Miami, FL said. “Back then, when Prince first came out as an artist, people didn’t understand his style. It didn’t take long before everyone started wearing their hair like him and started dressing like him.”

Like his style, Prince had many sounds: a mixture of funk, rock, R&B, soul, and pop. This is why fans from different cultures, like Haitian Prince fan from Miami Clarita Osaisis, can appreciate his music.

“Because I’m Haitian, I don’t listen to a lot of American music. But one of my favorite artists is Prince. I think he’s a good performer and I liked him,” Osaisis said. “I love the variety of music that he has, but I favor his soft rock and roll sound.”

Fifty-year old Prince fan from Miami Natalie Jones thinks Prince made the best rock and roll.

“Honestly, in my opinion, Prince made some of the best rock and roll songs in my era” Jones said.

In 1984 Prince starred in his second movie “Purple Rain.” The legend not only starred as the main character in the film, but he performed several of his songs throughout the film.

“I think one of my favorite songs was ‘Purple Rain.’ I loved when he performed the song during the actual movie because his voice sounded amazing and you could feel the passion in the song as he sang,” Jones said.

Although the world and all of its Prince fans are still mourning the loss of a rock and roll legend, they haven’t forgot about the impact he has had on the world throughout his career. His music has already influenced so many great artists like Miguel and Alicia Keys; he will continue to influence many more artists for generations to come.