Food Truck Thursday

The Tallahassee Food Truck Association celebrated its fifth anniversary of Food Truck Thursday event at Lake Ella.

The event was from 6-9 p.m., and many local residents attended Thursday evening’s anniversary event with their family and friends, pets and lawn chairs to enjoy music and food from their favorite food trucks.

Food Truck Thursday was originally on Tharpe Street, but the location was not beneficial to businesses involved; so they moved to Lake Ella two years ago.

Big Easy Snowballs employee, who goes by the name of “John” was involved since Food Truck Thursday’s 2011 inception.

“Our truck was one of the founders of food truck Thursday,” he said. “Food Truck Thursday was started by Big Easy Snowballs and four other food truck businesses.”

Tallahassee Food Truck Association was started by a guy whose nickname is “Cuzzy,” who had a place called “Cuzzy Key West BBQ.” Although he is the original founder, he is no longer in the food truck business.

They started the association to support other food trucks.

“Together we formed a Food Truck Association, so that we could rent out the property for the food trucks to serve on. Now that we have it started, it just blew up!”

Kelly Smith is a frequent customer at Big Easy Snowballs and said it is one of the more popular spots at Lake Ella.

“Everyone come here for snowballs, I love Big Easy Snowballs, I come every Thursday just for a snowball,” she said.

Kimani Oliver, a second-year Florida A&M University biology student from Miami, said that she has always been a fan of Food Truck Thursdays.

“I love Food truck Thursday, they have amazing food, music and it’s a lot of fun,” she said.

Allison Kirnal, an employee of Quarter Moon Imports, located right outside of the event, expresses that Food Truck Thursday enhances their store business tremendously.