Slide the City to Invade Tallahassee streets

Caption: Patron enjoys inflatable ball at very first Slid the City event. 
Photo Credit: Slide the City

Tallahassee residents will soon have their own temporary water park stationed downtown.

On Saturday Slide the City will convert downtown Tallahassee’s College Ave., between Duval and Macomb into an aquatic fun zone with a 1,000-foot water slide implanted in the streets.

The event will begin at 9 a.m. The water-slide-block-party will feature local vendors, food and music.

Vendors will be in attendance to keep patrons cool and fed, including Smackin Good Wings, Sworlz Cupcakes, Diva Pops, Hungry Howie’s and Kona Ice.  

According to the water slide is predicted to be the size of three-football-fields, which will allow residents to float leisurely down a normally busy downtown street. The water slide company has been all around the world but this will be its first time in Tallahassee.

Bryan Schouman, operations manager and one of the co-owners of Slide the City, wants Tallahassee to take away more than just a fun spring day from the event but to walk away with memories that they will never forget.

“We want people to keep these memories with them forever. We want to give that nostalgic feeling, when friends come together and reminisce over great times they’ve collected. We want Slide the City to be the first on their list,” said Shouman.

Schouman admitted that adults would be given the opportunity to become children again.

“There’s not really an event that caters to children and also gives adults a chance to be children again. I ride every time; the experience is so much fun and we have a blast. I’m the first one to go down and the last one to go,” said Shouman.

Families with smaller children are welcome and a smaller slide will also be available for children under 5 years of age.

Residents can purchase a single, triple, or ultimate slider pass. Prices start at $13 with the restriction of being at least 5 years of age and 45 inches tall to ride the main slide.

Participants can purchase the triple slider for $30, which allows 3 slides for the times of your choice. For $40, the ultimate slider comes with as many slide turns as possible from 9 a.m. to noon.

College students also receive a discount on the ultimate slider for $25.

Tickets are currently available for purchase at