Miss FAMU Caribbean Student Association wins Statewide Competition

Miss FAMU CSA, Shatanya Clarke, was crowned Miss Florida Caribbean Student Association at the 2016 FCSA Conference in Tampa. The conference was held April 7-10th.

Clarke, a third-year broadcast journalism major from Ocho Rios, Jamaica., was looking to win as soon as she got on stage.

"I feel like I have accomplished something great and I'm excited. For a few years now past Miss FAMU CSA's have entered and always came close to winning but never did. Last year, I expressed that I was going to this year's conference with vengeance because Miss FAMU CSA last year, Kimesha Barnes, deserved to win but we believe she was cheated. I feel proud of myself because not only did I represent Jamaica, where I'm from, and the Caribbean Students Association; I represented FAMU,"Clarke said.

Florida Caribbean Student Association is the governing body for all the Caribbean Student Associations in the Florida College and University system and serves as a median of interaction between Caribbean students throughout the state of Florida. Each year, FCSA holds a conference to celebrate CSAs yearly accomplishments. The Miss FCSA pageant is a part of the weekend long festivities.

FAMU Caribbean Student Association is a student organization that encourage students from the Caribbean, who are of Caribbean descent, or students that have an interest in learning about the Caribbean to come together and learn about the diverse group of students, and create a family-like bond.

“It was a great pleasure honestly, seeing Shatanya win the title Miss Florida Caribbean Students Association. It was a enjoyous and overwhelming moment for me knowing that she put so much time into preparation for the pageant and the moment came through where I could've finally celebrate with her,” FAMU CSA President Jimeel Charles said.

As Miss FAMU CSA, Clarke was a representation of CSA while she also served as Community Service Chair for the academic year.

“As Miss FAMU CSA I served as the face of the organization, I helped with recruitment of new members and served as the community service chair for the organization. These duties were shared with Mr. FAMU CSA. I would say my biggest accomplishment would have to be with community service. Service is dear to my heart and so I took that job very seriously. I took community service to a different level during my reign as Miss FAMU CSA. I would say it paid off because FAMU CSA won the community service award at our 2016 conference,” said Clarke.

Clarke has a lot that she plans to do during her reign as Miss FCSA

“As Miss FCSA, I will serve as the face for our governing organization, Florida Caribbean Students Association, and again I will serve as community service chair for the organization. I plan on creating meaningful service opportunities for all the CSA's in Florida. It is my goal to let them understand that service is more than challenges and the points you get from them but it's about your impact on someone's life. I have a huge service idea for the beginning of the fall semester so be on the lookout," Clarke stated.

“With her winning the crown and bringing it back to the highest of seven hills, we as an organization are proud to say we are famuans, and most of all, apart of FAMU CSA.  Also with her winning, it shows us that we have a lot of potential and talents among us and that we can reach the highest point in everything we do,” Charles said.