FAMU Students Host Women’s Empowerment Discussion

In honor of Women's History Month, second-year business administration students, Dajuh Sawyer and Imanni Jennings hosted the “She Is Clothed In Strength and Dignity” empowerment discussion at Florida A&M University. 

The event focused on women's empowerment, something that Sawyer feels should be showcased more on FAMU's campus.

"I feel like women's empowerment within FAMU can be better," Sawyer said. "We as women need to be doing more campus wide events as a unit to raise awareness of the importance of what it means to be a Renaissance woman." 

Key speakers for the discussion included: owner of Vitamin Q Fitness Q'Vaunda C. Curry; Clinical Pharmacist Taniah Alexander; Founder of LatanyaWhiteBiz LaTanya White and Florida Housing Financing Corporations Communications Director Ceka Rose Green.

Each of the four women are graduates of FAMU. 

While the event surfaced around the four panelists, seats were arranged in more of a group setting, something that Jennings felt was key to a positive discussion.

"We wanted this to be an event where everyone in the room felt comfortable speaking and learning from each other," Jennings said. 

The discussion featured a variety of topics, ranging from marriage to financial literacy. While the entire group engaged in the conversation, students also indulged in topics many students in the room were interested in learning.

"I felt like I could learn so much just from the experiences they were sharing with us, all I wanted to do was listen and learn," second-year business student Alisha Foster said. "You can tell they were passionate about each topic."

To conclude the conversation, the ladies discussed the topic of giving and getting from FAMU, a topic that Green is passionate about. 

After graduating from FAMU, Green founded the 10-for-10 foundation, which focuses on alumni giving back to FAMU.

"Giving back to FAMU is a key factor in keeping this legacy alive,” Green said. "FAMU has been here for 127 years and it will be here for 128 more as long as we all support her." 

During closing remarks, Sawyer gave a moving speech to commend guests for coming to what she says will be her last and most memorable event as a Resident Assistant.

"I cannot express how thankful Imanni and I are for your support. This truly means everything," Sawyer said. 

Prior to the event, Sawyer stated that her hope was for attendees to walk away with more knowledge about womanhood.

"I want everyone who comes to get tips on the importance self awareness, professionalism, and know how to balance work and life" Sawyer said.