Game Day in Tallahassee

Main Characters Mark and Charles, played by Chris Mathis and Mickey Clayton.


Michael “Mickey” Clayton is producing his first film called “Game Day.” It is currently being filmed in Tallahassee and will be the first production for the retired, Florida A&M University (FAMU) basketball coach.

A majority of the film is being shot at the Gene Cox Stadium on the North Florida Fairgrounds.

Clayton is currently the executive director of the Rattler Boosters club and has been immersed and deeply rooted in sports for a majority of his life. Clayton coached the FAMU women’s basketball team from 1977- 90, where he led 11 winning seasons during his time.

Clayton has collaborated with many FAMU alumni, who share his same interests, along with the skills necessary in making his vision come to life for the film.

He has teamed with Jeff Walker of JQuad Media and Arnett Moore, former FAMU Marching 100 Drum-Major who is producing the soundtrack, along with many others in the Tallahassee area.

“We came about this movie when Clayton called me and said I got a movie that you could shoot,” said Walker, “So we met up, shared the idea, and we both laughed at first. We then put together a plan, the next thing you know we’re working on the production.” 

Walker has given FAMU broadcast journalism students the opportunity to work on the film, with the acceptance of Clayton allowing the students on set.

“This is also an opportunity for students who have an interest in doing this sort of work, to gain some experience, and realize that they don’t always have to go to LA to do this,” Clayton said.

The motivation for the movie stems from Clayton’s book “Freshmen,” set to release in August 2016. 

“Game Day” follows the main characters of his book, Mark and Charles and takes place in south Georgia. Both men work at a mythical college, Southland Tech, where they lead the Bull rush.

The bull rush is a support group that raises funds to helt the athletic department.

The movie is said to be filled with comedy and enlightening messages that Clayton would like to bring across to viewers. 

"Game Day" is a medium for raw, unseen and impromptu talent in Tallahassee. The film is planned to be released in the month of June. Clayton hopes to have a viewing at AMC Tallahassee 20.

Clayon's set designer and special assistant Sharon Bee admits that his mission is to provide students with the opportunity to gain experience in their fields.

“He wants to be able to open doors for other people, and it’s been exciting and interesting just to see someone’s dream come true,” said Bee. “Clayton was into listening to other writers ideas for the movie, as well as giving them an opportunity to excel in their field.”