FAMU host Graduate Student Appreciation Week

The event follows a proclamation made by former Florida Governor, Charlie Christ, who in 2011 officially declared the days of March 30 – April 3 as 'Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week.'

Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. David Jackson has high expectations for the week for both graduate and undergraduate students. 

"It's important to understand that this week is not only for our graduate students, but for undergraduates as well," Dr. Jackson stated. "Our hope is that this week will serve as a great recruitment service to get FAMU undergrads into the Graduate Program here," said Jackson.

This year's GSAW will consist of five days of activities, beginning on Monday, March 28. Events to be held include a number of preparatory workshops, including a Processional Development Workshop and a Literacy & Thesis-Dissertation Writing Boot camp. 

According to Jackson, each workshop is set up to help prepare all FAMU students for the next step in their education, which he hopes to be graduate school at FAMU. 

"Ultimately, the goal is for all FAMU students, both graduate and undergraduate, to use this opportunity to help develop their skills," Jackson stated."There are a large number of grad students in our program who completed their undergrad studies at FAMU and our goal is to continue that pattern."

While the events are meant to prepare students for academic achievement, GSAW is not just all work and no play. 

Activities such as Poetry Night at Nefetari's Restaurant and the annual Poster Contest will serve as a way for students to showcase their creativity. 

Graduate student Mike Anderson said he appreciates the balance.

"I think it's dope that we have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a few festivities while at the same time being able to further our academics," Anderson said in reference to the variety of activities scheduled for GSAW. 

GSAW is scheduled to begin Monday, March 28 and run though Friday, April 3.