FACES Receives SGA funding for Spring Fashion Show

Florida A&M University Family Attitude Creativity Endurance and Style modeling troupe received $7,120 from the student senate Monday for funds to assist with them in their upcoming fashion show.  

Pernell Mitchell, fourth-year Public Relation student and judicial and Rules committee chair of the senate, from Leesburg represented FACES modeling troupe. They requested $16,100 in special allocation to sponsor upcoming fashion show.

After the second reading of the FACES modeling troupe reading, the student senate allocated $7,120 to cover the upcoming fashion show, cutting their bill funding by $8,980.

Mitchell discussed the reason why FACES bill was cut due to the consideration of the whole student body.

“It is the Student Government duty to serve and be a liaison to the student body as a whole,” Mitchell said. “When organizations come with the request for funds, we have to consider what is best for the whole student body and just not for that one organization. We focus more on the necessities that the organization need to help them.”

Mitchell stressed that the items that FACES wasn’t funded for wasn’t seen as a necessity to the student board. He also talked about him being apart of FACES modeling troupe, made him proud to help his organization the best way he could.

“It made me proud to serve my organization as a FACES model, and by serving on the Judicial and Rules Committee chair of the senate,” Mitchell said.

Rickilla Smith, a fourth-year business and administrator student from Polk County, believes the senate provided them with great service and added that their representative did all he could.

“Our senator Mitchell was great. Although he was absent at the voting of the bill, we were still represented well. Our senator, He really saw the need for FACES,” Smith said. “However the overall voting on the bill wasn’t a pleasant experience.”

FACES is nonetheless pleased with the amount that was given and now is taking the necessary steps to make the trip successful.

Newly elected Mr. Florida Agricultural Mechanical University, James Rozier third-year Public Relation student from Orlando, also past Mr. FACES was also present at the senate meeting. He expressed he was elated to see his organization come out in a large number.

"My FACES Family really made me feel like a proud member how they represented themselves in such a large number, also dressed professionally,” Rozier said. “Appearance is really big on FAMU campus.”