Cassidy Holds off on Accepting New Position

Former Vice president for Finance & Administration Dale Cassidy
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Florida A&M University President Elmira Mangum created the new position, chief ethics of compliance officer, assigned to former Vice President for Finance and Administration Dale Cassidy.

Cassidy has yet to accept the position, where he will be making $42,000 less in comparison to his previous position.

“I would suggest that such a cut is not indicative of a neutral change,” Cassidy said.

Cassidy was expected to meet with Mangum Monday, March. 21, but has since decided that he has “no further comments to share” on the matter.

According to Mangum, Cassidy has yet to accept the position.

“I have not received a resignation from Mr. Cassidy,” Mangum said.

Mangum believes Cassidy will be able to define the role and add value to the university operations, which she believes is at a crossroads.

“We are at a crossroads in resource accountability and process efficiencies with many process and procedure concerns identified across the organization. It was imperative that they be addressed. Many of them are in areas where Mr. Cassidy has strengths and years of experience,” Mangum said.

Assistant director of University and Media Relations Kanya Stewart believes that Mangum is committed to ensuring effectiveness and efficiency across FAMU’s campus, and believes that hiring Cassidy for the new position proves Mangum’s commitment.

“This newly created position will help to ensure the elimination of waste, fraud and mismanagement. Mr. Cassidy is the ideal person to fulfill such a critical role for the university,” Stewart said.

Former CFO for the University Foundation Angela Poole has been hired to replace Cassidy as the university’s new vice president for finance and administration. Poole has over 20 years of experience in accounting, consulting, systems implementation and higher education administration.