FAMU’s SJGC hosts Hollywood Spotlight Workshops

Courtesy of FAMU SJGC

The Entertainment Industry Outreach Program partnered with Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication to host Hollywood Spotlight Workshop March 23 from 11 a.m.-3 p.m in the Manning-Efferson Grand Ballroom.

Since 2013, companies like the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Disney, ABC Television Group, DreamWorks, Executive Temps and Turner Broadcasting have come to FAMU to recruit and give students insight on internship and job opportunities.

National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences director of education programs Nancy Robinson said everyone has had their start and students should think about the skill sets that’s going to set them apart from the rest.

“Everyone started somewhere. Everyone that we all admire—our favorite director, writer, actor, politician, musician—they all started somewhere. We were where you guys are,” Robinson said. “The people that you do connect with, you’re going to have those relationships in your professional life too, so you need to start now.”

Founder of Hollywood, Calif.-based Executive Temps Stacey Milner said even though writing is imperative, Hollywood is more than the “creative side.”

“Hollywood is not just writing, acting, directing and producing … We have business,” Milner said. “We have marketing. We have business development, legal, accounting … any job you can find in Corporate America you can find in Hollywood.”

Co-founder of Executive Temps Ted Milner wants students to know transitioning to California or New York for a job in the entertainment industry isn’t as hard as it seems. Most students just need someone to tell them they can do it.

“It’s not as challenging as you think it is … I’ve been on most of those campuses and I’ve done about 10,000 interviews,” Milner said. “What I find is that the talent at HBCUs is really sharp.”

The workshop will be divided into three sessions. Starting from 11 a.m. to noon, Stacey Milner will give expert advice on navigating a career in the entertainment industry. From noon to 1 p.m., entertainment industry hiring executives will have a panel discussion.

Immediately preceding the panel discussion is an active recruitment effort for students interested in internships and employment opportunities. Students must be dressed in business attire and required to bring resumes.

Go to sjgc.famu.edu to register.