FAMU SGA Vice President files lawsuits to protest re-election

Justin Bruno and Devin Harrison 

Justin Bruno, who was thought to be elected Florida A&M University Student Government Association President, along with his mother, running mate Devin Harrison and several students, took the podium on the steps of Lee Hall Auditorium Monday in protest of the scheduled re-election set to take place March 29.

Following the protest, Justin Bruno filed a letter of injunction against FAMU. The letter of injunction may affect the ruling made by the SGA Supreme Court to hold a re-election.

Bruno has hired attorney Mutaqee Akbar to take the case to Leon County Circuit Court.

The election was appealed Feb. 26 by the opposing ticket due to mishaps between the Electoral Commissioner and the Law School’s precinct and later reversed by the SGA Supreme Court.

Although the appeal was based on no supervision at the Law School when counting votes, the Student Supreme Court ruled for the election to take place throughout the entire campus.

Justin Bruno said he won the election fairly and should not be at fault due to mishaps made by student officials. Bruno also states that he was not notified of the appeal and did not have a chance to take the issue to trial.

“I want students to know that my fight for justice is really a fight for them,” Bruno said. “This situation begs a troubling acknowledgement: if my rights can be mercilessly trampled upon in this case … there’s no telling what can, and does happen to any everyday student on a regular basis.”

Akbar hopes everything will be resolved soon.

“Hopefully everything can be resolved by redoing the election at the Law School,” Akbar said.

A hearing is set for Thursday at 10 a.m. between FAMU and Bruno.