Game Recap: Rattlers vs. Broncos

Courtesy of Nathaniel Price/The Famuan

Florida A&M (7-5) wrapped up a rather impressive three-game series against Western Michigan (0-9) this past weekend.

Coming into the series both teams had two different goals. The Rattlers were aiming to get above .500 and the Broncos were still trying to get their first win.

In a low scoring game one, FAMU recorded seven total hits in the 2-1 victory over WMU.

Second baseman Alec Wong and third baseman Ben Ellzey went 1-for-3. First baseman Brian Davis went 1-for-2 with RBI and shortstop AJ Elkins went 1-for-4 and also had one RBI.

Rattler’s Pitcher Ricky Page (1-0) was credited with the win, pitching for seven innings with four strike outs. Broncos pitcher Kyle Mallwitz was credited with the loss, pitching for 3 innings with only one strike out.

In game two of the series FAMU defeated WMU in a dominating 9-0 victory.

Third baseman Ben Ellzey went 2-for-5 with two RBI’s, right fielder Dylan Dillard went 2-for-3, sophomore first baseman Brian Davis went 2-for-5 and junior Jacky Miles went 2-for-4 with two RBI’s.

Pitcher Danny Rodriguez, for FAMU (1-0) was credited with the win. He threw for five innings and recorded four strikes outs. Broncos pitcher Kendal Weeks, was credited with the loss. Weeks pitched for four innings with a total of two strike outs.

Rattler entered game three with heavy momentum looking to sweep the Broncos after shutting them out in game two.

FAMU started the game strong by scoring eight runs in three innings. The Broncos attempted to make a comeback during the fifth inning scoring three runs and in the sixth inning scoring one run but was unsuccessful. Florida A&M sealed the deal during the seventh and eighth innings by scoring four runs, for a total of 12 points.

Right fielder Peter Jackson recorded his second homerun of the season. Third baseman, Ben Ellzey went 3-for-4 with one RBI, second baseman Alec Wong recorded 2-for-4.

Junior pitcher for FAMU, Chase Jarrell (1-1) started game three and was credited with the win. He threw for five innings and recorded two strikeouts. Western Michigan’s Pitcher Derek Schneider was credited with the loss; he threw for three innings and recorded two strike outs.

Although both teams were close in the hit column – Rattlers had 16 and Broncos had 13 – That did not show in the 12-5 victory.

The next game is scheduled Tuesday, at 5 p.m. against Toledo.