Trump Rallies through Valdosta

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump’s plane flew over a crowd of roughly 20,000 people Monday night, a day before Super Tuesday. The rally was held in the PE Complex at Valdosta State University.

The complex reached capacity with about 7,500 in attendance and while the rest of the crowd listened outside.

“We set up speakers, would anybody like to give the people outside your position, please raise your hand we’ll get you out of here fast,” Trump joked.

Trump had a mix crowd of supporters and many came from different parts of Georgia to hear him speak.

Lana LeMyers, drove from Thomas County Georgia to experience hearing Trump speak again. She firmly believes Trump Is the best candidate for the Republican Party.

“He is saying what the American people have been wanting and he will make America great,” LeMyer exclaimed. “I believe that he will when he is president, and he will be.”  

Mamata Berry, a second-year mass media student at VSU said the country is entertained by the rhetoric’s of Trump because they have no great choice for the candidates for either parties.

“It’s not just him,” Berry said. “We don’t have faith in a lot of the candidates. Whether you are a Democrat or Republican, he moves so much attention that people have no choice but to flock to him.”  

Shortly before Trump was set to speak to the crowd, The South Carolina primary results were released with him winning 239,851 votes taking 50 delegate votes.

Trump announced he received new endorsements from the chairman of NASCAR Brian France, Chase Elliott, Ryan Newman and David Lee Regan.

The NASCAR endorsements came days after former presidential candidate Chris Christie endorsed him after dropping out of the race.

Trump policy include building of the wall to control the influx of immigrants coming across the border, Obamacare and trade.

“Because my whole life I take money and now I’m going to be greedy for the United States and I’m going to take and take. We’re going to become rich again, and then become great again.”

He added that the country will save over $300 billion by bidding on pharmaceutical drugs.

The rally was put on halt when a man upfront ripped a Trump sign.  Trump then yelled to the crowd to “Get him out.” The crowd obliged as the man was removed from the facility.

Trump then continued to his speech informing the crowd of his newest venture of buying the old postal office on Pennsylvania Avenue to a hotel that was approved by the Obama administration.  

“They know if I don’t make the White house that I could still live on Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Trump.

Trump closed the hour speech by telling his supporters, “We are going to make America great again, greater than ever before. I love you. Go out and vote. I love you all. Thank you Georgia.”