FAMU SGA swears in new senator

Jalen Jackson, first year FAMU business and accounting student from Gretna, was sworn in as the freshman senator Monday evening.

The Student Government Association unanimously voted Jackson in, along with two other candidates. As a newly elected freshman senator, Jackson said he is ready to serve.

During the meeting, Jackson stressed three main points that he would like to implement to better the school system: providing more security for students on campus, extending longer dining times and others.

“I am elated about the opportunity and I am just ready to serve.  I am serious about the position. I have a lot of relationships with the freshman class students and I (would) like to adhere to their needs and make the campus more efficient,” Jackson said.

He added if he had the opportunity to change one thing about the SGA, it will be the lack of information getting out to the student body.

“I want to serve as a liaison to bridge the gap between the student body and the student government,” Jackson said. “I feel like there is a lot that the student body doesn’t know, there is a lot that they should know so that we can approve the campus and take steps forward properly but we can’t do it without participation.”

First-year FAMU pre-nursing student from Tampa and Student Senator Payge Williams described Jackson as determined, dedicated and respectful. She also said he will be a great addition to the senate.

“As far teamwork, which is something you need in the senate, I feel like he will be a great addition to the senate,” Williams said. “He is easy to work with, he have a great balance far as able to listen and have a big voice.”

She added Jackson would bring something different to the table.

“I feel like since he just became a senator, he had the opportunity to create a bond with the rest of the freshmen and student body, being one of them, compared to the other seven freshman senators who been in office since fall. This will help him with bridging the gap between the student government and the student body,” Williams said.

Freshman Senator from Tallahassee Kenidee Webster is classmates with Jackson and described him as being humbled and ready to serve the student body. She also said he is personable and that many people will be open to work with him.

“As a senator you must have leadership skills. I feel as if all candidates that applied for the position for senator had leadership skills. However, he was more personable,” Webster said. “I feel like he will be a candidate that a lot of people will be open to work with and work along side of.  I also think he will bring new initiatives and a new feel to the senate.”