Open enrollment for Florida Prepaid program ends today

Courtesy of WCTV

The deadline for families looking to plan ahead for their child’s future will end Monday, evening at 11:59 p.m.

Florida Prepaid stands as one of the largest and oldest tuition programs that help families secure money to cover the cost of attendance at public universities in Florida.   

Open enrollment kicked off Oct. 15 and will run through the end of today. Open enrollment includes the two- and four-year Florida college and university plan, as well as a dormitory plan. This is the only time of the year that families can enroll for one of the plans mentioned above.

The low-cost and flexible plans make it easy for parents to choose to invest in the program. The plans are tailored to fit each family individually and cater to both the university, state and community college education level.

Fourth-year Florida A&M University psychology student,Taylor Carlton said she’s glad her dad decided to invest in the Florida prepaid program years ago.

“My dad enrolled in the four-year university plan when I was in high school. He owns some schools here in Florida, so I was able to benefit from the program as an in-state student. I not graduating exactly in four years. I have one more semester to go, so having to only worry about one semester of school out of my time here is extremely relieving,” Carlton said.

The programs aren’t very expensive with the one-year university plan starting as low as  $46 per month, and the four-year plan for $173 per month. There’s also a new initiative that allows other family members to contribute to the plan monthly. This could help alleviate monthly costs for parents.

Student Affairs representative Karen Miller explained the benefits students get from the program.

“I see a lot of students come through here needing money and funds for school. If more parents knew about the Florida Prepaid program, and actually enrolled for one of the plans, then that would take an extreme burden off their shoulders,” Miller said. “Otherwise you have if you don’t get much financial aid or on scholarship, you will have to worry about where the money to cover tuition is going to come from every semester.”

The Florida Prepaid plans can be used both in- and out-of-state at both public and private schools, but are geared more to the in-state public institutions. Currently, there are 28 state and community colleges and 12 universities where the programs are valid, FAMU being one of them.

To learn more about the program, enroll today or find out about future enrollment dates, visit