Why you should intern in Los Angeles

Courtesy of Flickr

Interning in college is how students achieve on-the-job experience in their desired field, ultimately building their resume as well as their personal brand. Who you intern for has always been the most important thing for students, but where you intern is just as important as who you intern with.

Students all over prepare daily for their chance to intern with their dream company by doing thorough research on what they want to do and doing whatever it is they can around campus to build their resume and impress future employers.

For the last couple years, Los Angeles, Calif. has become one of the largest cities where students submit applications, as well as New York and overseas.

Why Los Angeles? Is it because of the beautiful weather, sky scraping palm trees and exhilarating nightlife, or has businesses just grown tremendously, requiring more and more help from student professionals?

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the United States and the largest city in the state of California. Los Angeles offers the entire package: great weather, ample opportunity for successful businesses and an image that people gravitate to seen on tv.

Jordan Thomas, fourth-year Florida A&M University business administration student and current intern with Warner Bros. Entertainment, said that aside from the substantial business opportunities in Los Angeles there is so much for him to be involved with, in and out of his desired career.

“When I got the news that I was accepted as an intern with Warner Brothers Entertainment in L.A., I immediately begin to research other things that would interest me in the city,” Thomas said.

When going to new places it is always important to try new things and reach out to meet new people because you never know the next thing that may interest you.

Los Angeles is a great place to be for entertainment, although you may have packed your bags and left your family and friends for journalism. When you come to L.A. you may leave with an interest in journalism, film and a plethora of other things that you could potentially add to your resume.

Kayla Burke, third-year Florida State University information and communication technologies student, interns for Steve Rifkind. Burke says that her intern experience helped her understand exactly what it is she wants to do with her degree.

“Working hard at my internship and opening up with my boss has benefited me in a major way. It (allowed) the people around me to inspire me as well as assist me with what I am good at and what direction I should go in with my major in ICT,” Burke said.