Which Wich soon to open on Tennessee Street

Courtesy of Diamond Jones

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches restaurant is opening its fourth location in Tallahassee March 2016.

The grand open will take place Wednesday, March 2 at 9 a.m. The newly built Which Wich is located on 1660 West Tennessee Street next to Smash Burger.

Which Wich is a Dallas-based franchise that began in 2003, and has more than 380 locations worldwide.

The first Which Wich in Tallahassee opened back in December 2014 on Walker Plaza and was named No. 1 in sales in the nation in February 2015 shortly after it opened, according to Urban Tallahassee.

Shift leader Nikolas Bonilla has been working with the company since it came in 2014. He said Wich Wich is a unique sandwich shop.

“It’s not like other sandwich shops where you go down the line and order. It’s something new, fresh and different,” Bonilla said

The sandwich shop has a variety of “wiches” for customers to customize for every taste. Fan favorite and most popular item is the “Wicked,” made with five meats and up to three different cheeses.

General manager Caleb Walz said Which Wich is accepted by so many college students in the area.

“We serve such a great variety of product and the customization is very much accepted by the public and the high volume of college students in the area,” Walz said.

The franchise has grown fast in the city of Tallahassee and expects the Tennessee Street location to be convenient and draw a lot of first-time customers, who will visit frequently.

“I’m anxious to see how busy the store will be, I’m curious to know if the line will be all the way out the door this is a great area so I’m excited,”Bonilla said.

On opening day the first 200 people will receive a small free sandwich, with more perks to be announced.

Many students have never eaten at the sandwich shop but looks forward to one day enjoying the variety of options Which Wich offers.

Florida State University student Heather Cole said this location is closer to home.

“I have seen a couple around town but I haven’t stop and visit one, but now that this one is close to home and school I’m excited to try it, must be something interesting and unique about this place there adding another location,” Cole said.

Just like Cole, Walz is excited for the new location.

“The interactions with the college students and being involved with the customers being able to give them a good meal and having them leave extremely happy is exciting and I’m looking forward to it,” Cole said.

Which Wich is always hiring. If anyone is interested in joining the team at Which Wich, you can go to the store and fill out an application, or fill out the online application on the website.