Newton under fire

Courtesy of ABC 11

Leading up to the Super Bowl, the hype surrounding the newly named league Most Valuable Player and Panthers quarterback Cameron Newton was particularly high for a first time Super Bowl quarterback.

Throughout the season, Newton’s play could not be questioned as he shredded defenses all the way to the Super Bowl.  As Newton was winning throughout the season, critics had a problem with the way he celebrated his success. Following the biggest loss of his young career, critics have began tearing him down for the way he handles a loss.

Newton became the center of attention during the postgame press conference. An obviously distraught Newton replied to reporters’ questions with very short, often one word answers. After answering just a few questions the quarterback cut the press conference short by walking off the podium.

Unfair criticisms of the quarterback flooded in from everywhere following the podium exit of the MVP. NFL analysts, former players and current players gave their sentiments regarding Newton.

Some critics, like former pro football player Bill Romanowski, even flirted with the line of racism in his reaction to Cam Newton.

“You will never last in the NFL with that attitude. The world doesn’t revolve around you, boy! #CamNewton,” Romanowski posted on Twitter.

The word “boy” has been historically used to demean Black men, and the use of the word to describe Newton is beyond unacceptable. If Romanowski has any problem with Newton, the least he could do is leave the racial slurs out of it.

Newton had been a class act all season, going out of his way to hand out touchdown footballs to children in the stands, despite opposition from some referees. When Newton was doing his part to be the good guy, no one paid attention. The moment Newton made his first mistake, he became the villain.

Newton has been called immature, boastful and even a disgrace by some. In the face of all the harsh words, Newton kept flashing his Kodak smile and continued to put up record setting numbers eventually earning him the league MVP title.

The problem seems to be with Newton as a person, rather than Newton as an athlete.

Newton does have one thing to realize now though, he is now the face of the NFL and some are not happy about it. The critics will do everything in their power to strip Newton of that accolade, and he must work overtime to not let it happen.