Local church holds health awareness fair

Courtesy of Taylor Watson

The Church of Christ, located on of Paul Russell road, held their second annual health fair on Saturday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. The health fair provided health care awareness to those who aren’t abreast to the issues and concerns in the black community.

According to Bond Community Health Center, realizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and consciously making the decision to adopt one is a necessary first step toward improved health and well being.

Elijah R. Cole, Ph. D., is a minister who was welcomed into Church of Christ after the loss of two ministers back to back. One of his missions was to speak out about physical and spiritual issues within the black community.

Cole launched a health and wellness ministry a few years ago and brought the idea to his congregation about conducting a health fair not only for members in the church but also the people throughout the Tallahassee area.

There were a few of Tallahassee’s most notable health care providers that were featured during the event. Bond Community Health Center Inc., Tallahassee Weight Management Clinic and Florida A&M University’s Student Health services provided valuable information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Ruth Sanders, secretary for the Church of Christ, shared her viewpoint on being healthy as a Christian.

“How can you work for God if you aren’t physically healthy? Being located on the southside of Tallahassee, there are numerous people who need to be informed about their health care and have access to their issues,” Sanders said.

Jacquelyn McMillian, director of Youth Summer Camp, expressed why it’s important to stay healthy.

“It is an imperative. That is why we have taken it upon ourselves as a congregation to make a health ministry one of our greatest and most important initiatives beyond evangelism,” McMillan said.

McMillian added making changes to your entire health lifestyle is one way of having a longer life expectancy.

Church of Christ member Charlie Miller stated he attended the event for business purposes.

“I have a business where I promote health and wellness products and one of the products that I promote is a supplement that is designed to help people avoid getting sick, stay healthy and not have to take lots of drugs and medications,” Miller said.

For information about future events, call Church of Christ at 850-878-0085.