FAMU- FSU College of Engineering Dean Search Committee Strive Closer to the Goal

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Courtesy of Ashley Brown

The search for a new engineering dean is looking better than before.

With a few members short, the committee came together Wednesday morning to go over the agenda and dates scheduled for the next process.

Dr. Maurice Edington, Dean of the College of Science and Technology, and chair of the Dean Search Committee urged each member to come up with at least 10 top potential candidates and present them to everyone for the next meeting.

“Our goal is to come-in for the next few meetings and vote on every applicant until we get down to our top 10,” Edington said.

Last meeting, the committee looked over a final draft of the Prospectus, which would be presented on their school website. The purpose of this document was to share some insight about the college and include a brief synopsis of the job description.

Fourth-year Florida State University civil engineering student from Palm Beach, Garit Poire was among the members present at the meeting. Poire currently serves as the student representative of the Dean Search Committee, and current President of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

“I feel like scheduling for all applicants would be a main priority for the next meeting,” Poire said. “It is exciting to become a part of the process and help to choose someone who is going to be the next face of the College of Engineering.”

After careful deliberation the committee decided to accept participating candidates even after the priority deadline, February 28.

Although they have a preferred date for submissions, Braketta Ritzenthaler, Associate Dean for external relations and marketing at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering said that he feels better knowing knowing that consultants will help screen candidates even after the deadline has passed.

“We are a on a strict timeline for interviews, however we want to put forth the best candidates,” Ritzenthaler said.

On March 2 in the University’s conference room, the committee will meet up again to plan logistics for the interviews, work out the details, and review the submissions from the applicants.