World Ballet Celebrates Tallahassee’s Art

Tallahassee’s World Ballet took pride in showcasing tons of artwork created by local artists for its sixth annual Wine, Dance and Art celebration.

The event was held live in Centre of Tallahassee on Saturday evening from 6:30- 9:30pm.

Guests were entertained with melodic sounds of a pianist, Chad Spears and violinist Maxwell van Hoeij as they were served hors d’oeuvres including fine wine and quiches.

Ranging in variety, those in attendance got to experience fine art, origami jewelry, pottery, glass art, handmade pens, and soaps to name a few.

Some of the featured artists of the night were John Metcalfe, Jennifer Clinard, Pattie Maney, and Keith McCulloch, who proudly showcased their unique array of artwork to the public on several different canvases.

The capacity was filled with chatter, music and art being auctioned, as guests got the opportunity to meet the artists behind the portraits.

Pattie Maney, an independent Florida artist who has been in business for over 15 years, expressed what inspired her animal paintings.

“A dog saved my life at a rough point in my life, so I began to paint him and before I knew it people were asking me to paint their animals too. I feel so lucky to have found something that is hard work but makes me happy at the same token.”

Among the crowd of supporters was Cynthia Metcalf, Business Development Director and wife of Florida artist John Metcalf, who explained why she is passionate about the benefit.

“Having supported this group for over seven years now, the best part of this event is that it gives you a preview of the season to come and the proceeds will go to the upcoming show in April, for the children they prepare for these great dance shows.”

Watching in awe, the World Ballet Company dancers captivated the room as they gave a sneak peek of select routines for their springtime production, “Rock the Centre.”

Henry Hernandez, Artistic Director of World Ballet Inc., was thrilled with the success of the evening and the big season that lies ahead of the organization.

“Tonight we gathered 27 amazing artists, who will give us a percentage of their sales, and starting next year we are looking at about four to five performances a year and three fundraisers. We don’t only do it for us but for our fellow artists.”

For more information on how to get involved with World of Ballet Inc., and all upcoming events please visit or email