The circus comes to FAMU

Courtesy of Tallahassee Democrat

The Garden Brothers Circus performed at Florida A&M University’s Alfred Lawson Jr. Multipurpose Center Tuesday.

The Garden Bros. Circus is a family friendly, kid-oriented show and has been operating for over 100 years. It originally began in Canada before relocating to the United States.  

The circus began their show tour Feb. 5. Tallahassee became their fifth show in the season.

The three-ringed show included motorcycle stunts, acrobatic acts, camels, elephants, ribbon performers and intermission activities for the children.

Each act lasted about five minutes. The intention was to keep the children engaged and the show dynamic. 

The performance began with Chinese acrobats executing gravity-defying tricks in the air.

The performers were friendly and interacted genuinely with the VIP guests.

A clown performance involved two performers chasing around one another with various items including water guns and an oversized balloon baseball bat.

A mother scooped up her child and ran from the VIP section when the clown act threw glitter out of a water bucket into the audience.

Just before intermission, two women balanced parasols on their feet while lying down. The act ended with one woman juggling three parasols with her feet while simultaneously spinning a parasol in each hand.

The intermission lasted 30 minutes and included a bouncy slide, elephant and miniature pony rides and face painting.

Many children attended the event and were delighted to see the entertaining routines.

“It was awesome!” 6-year-old Tyson Johnson from Tallahassee said.

FAMU students also enjoyed their time at the event.

“It was a really fun and lighthearted atmosphere. The performers brought a great energy to the show,” Victoria Johnson, third-year FAMU psychology student from Tallahassee, said.

The Garden Brothers Circus ensures that their shows are always with the intention of bringing smiles to the local community.

“We do this to bring smile and joy,” James Moss, Garden Bros. Circus prop boss, said.

The Garden Bros. Circus often refreshes their routines by bringing overseas acts, predominantly from China.

As a result, most of the performers did not speak English, but it was clear that sharing happiness and laughter has no language barrier.