Mock crash brings awareness to spring break dangers

Courtesy of Towanda Robinson

With spring break around the corner Florida A&M Universitys Office of Student Activities volunteer program is holding Spring Break Awareness Week.The week consists of daily events that are meant to bring consciousness to the dangers that can happen over spring break if students are not careful.

On Monday the student activities paired up with local public safety officials to conduct a mock car accident on the Paddyfote lawn. The event included a real life look at the aftermath of a crash after the driver had been drinking.

Students, like first-year FAMU pre-pharmacy student Chidinma Ogbenna, participated in the re-enactment with firefighter, police and EMTs on hand to help create the scene.

Being inside the car crash and seeing this person was a legit actual person that could have died due to the crash defiantly made me more aware that yes this is an actual thing, and isn't just something you see on TV, the impact was real.

Tallahassee Fireman Kafeli Wright helped lead the re-enactment and said the goal was to show students the situation that can happen after someone drives while impaired.

Even if were able to reach just one kid, one student it makes this whole thing worth it. We just want to do something along with the University that gives students a taste of what can happen when they get behind the wheel drunk.

Lynette Boatner head of the volunteer service program as University program specialist gave insight on the importance of holding this annual event.

We do the spring break awareness week to bring attention to safety issues because we want to alleviate the ongoing, almost epidemic, of losing a student every spring break. We have these awareness activities with a whole week lined up to remind our students to be safe during spring break, Boatner said.

The mock crash appeared to have an instant effect, stopping students dead in their tracks, which is exactly what the OSA volunteer program was hoping for.

One person sees it and tells another person, so it has that synergistic effect. I believe everything we do has an impact so if you save one life it’s worth it. Usually we can’t tell what kind of impact weve made until spring break is over, but when we have these awareness programs we usually have less fatalities or injuries than when we don't have it,said Boatner.

The OSA volunteer program will be holding events every day this week to continue spreading spring break awareness.