Bojangles’ makes a return to Tallahassee


A Carolina favorite has made it’s way back to Tallahassee. Bojangels’, famous for their chicken and biscuits, opened their doors for business Monday located at 1350 East Park Avenue.

Doors opened at 5 a.m. and there were a number of opening day activities and giveaways, one of which included a free $100 gift card to the first person in line and $25 gift cards to the next 20 people in line.

Although, the drive-thru line was wrapped around the building with curious Tallahassee residents, Bojangles’ is no stranger to the Tallahassee restaurant market.

There were once many Bojangles’ in Tallahassee, until they shut down. But residents eagerly waited on the return.  This gave franchisee’s Danny Clayton and Blake Meidca a chance to give the residents what they’ve been waiting for.

This time around, the franchise is owned by JCM Management Group LLC and has two new owners opening their very first franchise. Owner Clayton says they were excited to bring Bojangles back.

“We didn’t even really think about them being here before, but we understand what a strong brand Bojangles’ is and we just felt like it could work here in Tallahassee. Also, over the years with people traveling back and forth to Carolina’s and Georgia they’re seeing more and more Bojangles’ so they know the brand. A lot of people this morning were saying, boy I’m glad you guys are here now,” Clayton said.

A handful of things, including traveling and weeks of extensive training, went into preparing to open the restaurant. Six-year Bojangles employee and staff trainer Sheree Miller traveled from Charlotte, N.C. to come assist with staff training.

“There was a lot of traveling involved, with some Charlotte employees coming to Tallahassee and vice versa. We just had to make sure that both staff and managers knew how to move the line and focus all while moving at a fast pace and keeping great customer service,” Miller said.

Originating in Charlotte, N.C., Bojangles’ is a southern favorite, known for their buttermilk biscuits, hand battered chicken and customer favorite old school brewed iced tea, all made fresh daily.

But Bojangles has a little competition in the Tallahassee area. Popeye’s, another southern favorite, also specializes in chicken and biscuits. Charlotte native and fourth-year FAMU business administration student, Kayla McCollum, explains why she thinks Bojangles’ will have one up on Popeye’s

“I think it will do well here. I think people who are from the Southeast know about Bojangles’ and interested in trying it. Also, Bojangles’ chicken is different than Popeye’s. Bojangles also have breakfast and Popeye’s doesn’t, so I think it’s out competitive advantage,” McCollum said.

Bojangles is open Monday through Friday and offers a wide variety of menu items. Find out more information at www.bojangles’.com