High school SGA representatives will gather for 2016 Youth Leaders Forum

Student Government Association members from around the city of Tallahassee will come together Feb. 24 at the Tallahassee City Hall to engage in the 2016 Youth Leaders Forum where SGA representatives can meet and converse with local leaders of Tallahassee.

Four representatives from various high schools around Tallahassee will be invited to partake in this forum. These representatives will learn what it takes to have a successful career in politics and other leadership roles.

Nick Maddox, Leon County Commissioner, explained why he felt young people being leaders is important.

“Leadership at any level or capacity is important. Most of our greatest leaders have come from SGA at a college level or high school level. During those times of leadership, they learn how to make decisions and serve the people they are leading. The stepping stones to leadership are found during those times,” Maddox said.

This event will be held in association with the City of Tallahassee and the Honorable Commissioner Curtis Richardson from 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

The day will begin with registration and a meet-and-greet and will end with a proclamation from Mayor Gillum and the City Commission. Throughout the day event participants will check in, hear a presentation from the Commission Chambers, have lunch and listen to other various presentations by city officials.

Because the event is taking place during school hours, Leon County students attending this event will receive excused absences, if registered by the deadline.

Workshop materials, food, parking and commission meeting registration will all be provided.

Zenani D. Johnson, Student Body President at James S. Rickards High School and event organizer for the 2016 Youth Leaders Forum, is highly anticipating this event.

“Not only will we have the opportunity to learn from our community leaders what it takes to serve our community, we will hear from experts on the topics of networking, working with the media and community service. For me, the icing on the cake will be the information that we can take back to our schools and share with our fellow students,” Johnson said.

The Youth Leaders Forum is one out of many events organized by Johnson.

Florida A&M University SGA representative Victor Chrispin, fourth-year FAMU political science student from Jacksonville, described what he enjoys most about being apart of SGA.

“My favorite part about being part of SGA is being able to inspire students and work for the students,” Chrispin said.

The Youth Leaders Forum will be a setting for students to speak out on their ideas and input how to continue programs like this in order to empower youth to take up issues that are important to them.

This event is by invitation only.