15-year-old will graduate from Godby High School

Courtesy of WCTV

While the average 15-year-old is getting their Learner’s Permit, talking about their favorite boy band and going to the mall, Lauryn Brown is preparing to walk across the stage this spring.

She would have never imagined herself going through a stack of college acceptance letters as a sophomore in high school.

“Going to college early is a thing that you have to make sure you (are) prepared (for),” Brown said.

Brown will be graduating from Amos P. Godby High School after completing four years’ worth of coursework in just two years. Holding a 4.2 grade point average, Brown has been promoted every semester since enrolling into high school.

Stepping into high school, Brown knew it was time to buckle down.

“Because she is graduating early she had to double up and take extra classes,” Marissa Baitley-Collier, Brown’s mother, said. “Last semester she took nine classes: four at the community college, three at the high school and two online.”

Aside from completing her regular coursework, Brown took on honors and advance placement classes, as well as dual enrollment courses at Tallahassee Community College (TCC).

Baitley-Collier always knew Brown was gifted. Brown was a 5th-grade student when she learned about her reading level.

“She is very bright,” said Baitley-Collier. “It was in 5th grade when she was tested and they said she was on a freshmen reading level.”

Brown said she started taking high school classes in 7th grade,

“Having so many classes I had grew use to it,” Brown said. “It all started in the 7th grade when I took my first high school class.”

To add to her long list of accomplishments, Brown ranked number five in the graduating senior class but a few things came along with that.

“According to the Florida Statutes, they say the ranking is calculated on the seventh semester of senior year,” Brown said.

She was enrolled for four semesters and due to that Brown has to forfeit her ranking.

“It’s not very fair to people who are trying to graduate early,” Brown said. “They should be allowed to be included in those things.”

Even though her ranking did not rule in her favor, Brown’s mother understood why.

“She worked very hard for her ranking,” Collier said. “But we do understand from both perspectives that due to the Florida Statutes, the way that it is written she won't be included.”

Despite the fact that she was constantly overloaded with her academics, Brown found the time for a best friend, musical instruments and her favorite video games.

She plays the cello, guitar and two other string instruments. Brown also taught herself to play the piano.

People, like Tallahassee resident Brittany Man, are very proud of Brown’s accomplishments.

“That’s actually great in my eyes. She’s reaching her goals at a young age,” Man said.

The next goal for Brown is college.

“I want to go to medical school,” Brown said. “I am looking at Yale and Harvard, those kinds of schools.”