Pinky Promise hosts #RelationshipGoals

Courtesy of Taylor Watson

Christian women empowerment organization, Pinky Promise presented their #Relationship Goals panel discussion Friday February 19th. held in Florida A&M University’s B.L. Perry building.

Countless women and men attended in hopes of learning about building a better spiritual relationship with their significant other at the moment or in the future.

Briana Beard, first-year doctorate of pharmacy candidate from Tallahassee and president of Pinky Promise, elucidated the purpose of the event.

“The purpose is to bring the message of godly Christ-centered relationships to campus. We live in a world that promotes promiscuity and dysfunction anytime relationship topics come up. For the audience members today, I want them to obtain a Christian perspective of what it means to have a Christ-centered relationship and to still remain young and saved,” Beard said.

Panelists were given questions on informing the audience with advice and tips on relationship goals in today’s society.

FAMU alumna Adrienne Smiley shares her experience and thoughts on specific relationship goals she sets for her own relationship.

“The goal is always that Christ is the foundation, so my first prayer in the morning is ‘Lord, it’s so much going on in the world, my vision can get clouded but help us to keep you first in all things.’ I feel like that if you’re striving for that goal, everything else will fall in place,” Smiley said.

Courtship, building a spiritual relationship with God and seeking out who you are as an individual were just a few topics discussed.

FAMU alumnus Marcus Gurley Jr. touched on ways that his relationship can inspire other people.

“I think what I can do to inspire people is to live how a relationship is suppose to live. People can look at me as an example and say hey I want what Marcus has. To be an example for Christ, will try to entice or persuade people to do it God’s way,” Gurley said.

While being engaged in the panel discussion, the audience shared countless laughs, outbursts and several stories.

“More of these particular events should be hosted by other organizations on campus. We need more of these topics discussed so that students on campus know what direction their spiritual life is headed,” panelist Rohalier Charles Phillips said.