Colleges Against Cancer prepare to host Relay for Life

Courtesy of Colleges Against Cancer

Colleges Against Cancer hosted Painting With A Twist in the Florida A&M University Rattler’s Den last Wednesday to promote registration for Relay for Life.

CAC is a new organization founded by Kirsten Demps, a fourth-year history student from Fort Pierce with a minor in African American studies. CAC was created so students could be more involved with the planning for the annual event Relay for Life.

Relay for Life was started 14 years ago at Florida A&M University in 2002. Relay for life is an annual event to help honor cancer survivor of all cancers. Different organizations come and put on several fundraising event to raise money to donate towards cancer.

Since the first registration date January 27, CAC was able to get 34 student organizations to sign up.

The group has a goal of registering 50 student organizations to participate in Relay for Life to reach their goal of $35,000 this year. However, students are lacking to respond with fundraiser ideas.

“CAC is to promote unity between organizations, this is chance for student organizations to act as a whole to put on Relay for Life, but students are not being proactive,” Demps said.

Torhonda Lee, the CAC sponsor said she wants students to feel apart of the process rather than just showing up to volunteer.

“The committee has worked really hard to promote the idea of the event being student led. The main focus is for us to get the students hyped about planning for this event to bring awareness to cancer not just for Relay for Life but year round.”

CAC is an organization that is active throughout campus in the Fall and Spring. The leaders have been putting information out about Relay for Life since the fall.

Many students have expressed their appreciation for getting the information out earlier than in the past so they can gather ideas to help fundraise.

Ryan Williams, a fourth-year history student from Miami is the team captain for the Explosive C4 Bomb squad in Relay for Life. Williams, along with his organization

“Since the information was sent out earlier about Relay for Life, my organization was able to form our own committee to help plan more fundraisers rather than throwing something together for Relay for Life.”

The theme for Relay for Life this year is Carnival for A Cure and the main color for Relay for Life is purple. The committee decided to go with this theme because they wanted each organization to embrace all colors of cancer.

Relay for Life is scheduled for April 9 from 2 p.m.-2 a.m, with a week of events leading up to it. This year the CAC committee wanted to try something new by hosting a majority of the events during the day instead of at night

The committee will also be dorm storming in the upcoming weeks to give out information.

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