Bruno new SGA president

Florida A&M University has a new student body president. Justin Bruno, vice president under FAMU's Student Government Association President Tonnette Graham for the past term, was elected president after vote tallies were posted a little before 2 a.m. Wednesday.

Bruno and Devin Harrison were elected SGA president and vice president with 1,366 votes. The results were posted on the window of the Office of Student Activities.

Amberly Williams was elected Miss Florida A&M University with 1,847 votes, James Rozier was elected Mr. FAMU with 1360 votes, Keenan Williams was elected King of Orange and Green with 1,384 votes, Ijeoma Ogala was elected Queen of Orange and Green with 1,382 votes and Adrienne Floyd was elected Electoral Commissioner with 619 written in votes.

A tie between Sophomore Attendant candidates Jaelyn Benyard and Janay Green and Senior Class President candidates Stephanie Benoit and Darien Harper versus Zuri Mabry and Kiera Moyer has called for a run-off competition. All eight seats were filled for the 46th Student Senate, and the rest of the class elections are complete.

Students campaigned for SGA and Royal Court positions from Feb. 10-16.

Students of the Elections and Appointment committee from the 45th student senate organized The Power of the Vote 16 event in Gaither gymnasium Tuesday evening. Students rallied as campaign teams awaited the results of the votes for the 2016-2017 SGA and Royal Court positions.

Many students haven’t registered to vote, so students were also able to fill out voter registration forms for the upcoming presidential election at the event.

 “I was so nervous about this campaign season, but I was excited to see the outcome of something I never saw myself doing. It was hard, and it was nothing the way I would have liked it to be, but I came and conquered and regardless of the outcome I’ll still work hard,” Kendal Harris, a junior public relations student and candidate for the King of Orange and Green, said.

Brooksie McGraw, third-year healthcare management student and Queen of Orange and Green candidate, said her goal was to inspire.

“The experience that I will take from this campaign experience will last a lifetime. As long as I inspired someone then my goal was accomplished,” McGraw said.

Student senator and business administration student Kenidee Webster said the positions are more than titles.

“Leadership doesn’t need titles, but I do appreciate FAMU for titles. Ultimately, we are serving the students, and regardless of the outcome each candidate and winner should embody perseverance, passion, honesty, integrity and consistency to keep pushing for the student body,” Webster said.

Campaigns for the run-off will resume Wednesday, and voting will be Thursday until 6 p.m in the Grand Ballroom for all freshmen. Upperclassmen voting locations are assigned by each school.