Genesis Church hosts Night to Shine Prom

Courtesy of Tallahassee Democrat

It was a pleasant evening for the Genesis Church as it hosted the second annual Night to Shine prom sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation Friday for people with special needs.

Night to Shine is a prom for people with special needs hosted by more than 200 churches in 48 states and eight countries. More than 70,000 volunteers and 30,000 honored guests share the same prom experience on the same night around the world, according to the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Guests were given corsages and boutonnieres as they stepped off the red carpet entrance for a night full of excitement. Guests were able to dance, enjoy food catered by Chick-Fil-A, have their photo taken and ride in a limo.

Genesis Church communications director Chelsea Workman explained that the night has finally come together and that it was amazing.

“Overall when everything comes together after a long process of planning and putting everything together, the night is always amazing. We have an amazing turnout. Everyone is having fun and there’s so many smiles and so much joy. You really can’t have a bad night because it’s just amazing,” Workman said.

Guest Crystal Bellamy said she was enjoying her night. When asked what was her favorite part she said the dance floor.

“I’m very excited. My favorite part was dancing and dancing,” Bellamy said.

Along with the standard woodworks of prom, guest at Genesis were able to visit different rooms within the church for several other fun festivities.  There was a room for hair and makeup, shoe shining, karaoke, arts and crafts and music therapy. There was also a respite room for those guest who just needed a little quiet time for themselves.

With the night coming to a close, Workman also said the energy level of the prom was just as high as it was from the start.

“We have another hour and a half more to go and everybody is still cranking, all the rooms are full. Everybody is just having a ball and it’s a lot of fun,” Workman said.    

When asked how the night was going with her guest Abigail Jackson, volunteer Bridget Beuchanan was all smiles expressing they were having a good time.

“We’ve had fun. We made crafts, played instruments and sang, ate Chick-Fil-A, danced and took pictures, got crowned and it’s just been fun. We’ve just been having a good time,” Beuchanan said.

Beuchanan also expressed that Abigail really enjoyed the karaoke and music therapy rooms.

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