The Villages prepares for Valentine’s Day

Courtesy of Evelyn Ross

The resident assistants of FAMU Village hosted Preparation for the Perfect Valentine’s Day in the Village Game Room at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

The event served as a seminar to help women create and plan for their ideal Valentine’s Day. Girls discovered exactly what could be done to ensure that this upcoming holiday will be a special one.

Daysha Excell, third-year public relations student from Miami, Fla., and founder of Doll’d by Day made a guest appearance at the event to promote her freelance makeup company, while sharing her expertise with all who attended.

“I honestly enjoyed the event a lot. I was nervous at the beginning because it was my first time showcasing my work in front of so many people, but the crowd was extremely interactive so I became more comfortable,” Excell said.

At the event she used a model to demonstrate how to properly highlight and contour, use eyeshadow, and blend one’s makeup. She then added the final touches of eyelashes, blush and bronzer before opening the floor to any questions from the audience.

Participants at the event not only received this Valentine’s inspired makeup tutorial, but also learned of easy ways to create trendy clothing from guest, Danielle McCloud, the founder of Distinctive Stitch.

Group games were played, prizes were distributed and food was provided, compliments of the event hosts.

Ivana Ford, first-year business administration student from West Palm Beach, Fla., thought the tips that were given could be used on Valentine’s Day.

“I learned a lot of different things at the event, specifically how to make my Valentine’s with my boyfriend, a great one. I’m glad the RAs chose to coordinate it,” Ford said.

Jaliesha Peterman, resident assistant and fourth-year pre-physical therapy student from Orlando, Fla., agreed that the event was an extreme success.

“I’m so proud of the turnout we had. It was great to be a part of such a fun event, with such high energy from all who attended,” Peterman said.

The resident assistants in the Village host a number of events throughout the semester in an effort to unite the residents while bringing them out for a good time.

Their next event will be The Code, which will discuss communication differences amongst genders is scheduled for this upcoming weekend.