FAMU Spring SGA and Royal Court elections are underway

Courtesy of Ciera Campbell

Hundreds gathered at the Candidates Meeting Sunday in the Grand Ballroom. The event, sponsored by the Florida A&M University Electoral Commission, served as the kickoff event for Royal Court and Student Government Association hopefuls.

The meeting allowed candidates to introduce themselves to the student body and declare what position they are vying for.

Candidates were restricted on explaining why they deserve a vote because of pre-campaigning rules. Pre-campaigning is restricted in the student elections code and could result in disqualification.

Andrea Pugh, fourth-year environmental science student from Saginaw, Mich., enjoyed the candidates meeting because within a minute, candidates had to deliver an introduction speech that could grasp the audience.  

“I always look forward to what tactics candidates will incorporate in their speeches. Sometimes students use quotes, FAMU cheers or slogans,” Pugh said.

Some candidates like Brooksie McGraw, FAMU Queen of Orange and Green candidate, incorporated a well-known FAMU cheer, “F-L-O-R-I-D-A.”

“For the position of QOG, one of the duties is to be spirited. So when I was thinking of an attention grabber for my speech, I wanted to pay homage to the reason why we are here. So I chanted F-L-O-R-I-D-A,” McGraw said.

Kierra Clinch, FAMU Electoral Commission Precinct supervisor, offered advice to the candidates.

“The best thing to do as a candidate is to abide by the Student Body Statutes. Candidates are responsible for following the rules that are documented within the statutes. If candidates ignore the restrictions of the election codes their campaigning period has the opportunity to be ceased,” Clinch said.  

The upcoming election schedule includes an SGA debate, Miss FAMU and Mr. FAMU question, and answer segment and a pageant for Royal Court candidates.

Listed below are the candidates vying to hold SGA President and Vice President and Miss and Mr. FAMU positions.

SGA President and Vice President

Justin Bruno and Devin Harrison

Victor Chrispin Jr. and Pernell Mitchell II


Aaliyah Barrington

Amberly Williams


Randall Griffin

Keondrea Huggins

James Rozier

For more information visit FAMU Elections on Facebook.