Alpha Kappa Alpha hosts seventh annual Father Daughters day dance

The Chi Upsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. hosted their 7th Annual father daughter dance Saturday at the Tallahassee Antique car museum.

This yearly event serves as a platform bringing together fathers and daughters throughout the community to emphasize the importance of positive family ties. Daughters of all ages come out with their fathers to celebrate a night of love and unity.

The President of the Chi Upsilon Omega Chapter, Marilyn Henderson Hudson said that the excitement of how this event positively displays the African American men in the community.

“There are some positive role models in our African American men and they enjoy their daughters, they spend time with their daughters and take time with their families,” Hudson said.

In addition to the celebration of fathers and daughters, the occasion was filled with many other activities such as door prizes and a poem delivered by Kalilah G. Taite titled “What I Love About My Dad”.

Father daughter dances are extremely popular throughout different communities as they are built to target the love between father and daughter.

Kermit Harrison, a father and active participant of this event talks about how it is important that he shows his daughter how she should be treated by men now and forever.

“From the father's perspective, it is important for our daughters to understand how to be treated and to be taken out to have a good time without there being a certain expectation from them or them having to compromise themselves,” Harrison said.

Kazdn Harrison, a second grader at School of the Arts and Sciences and daughter of Kermit Harrison has been coming to this event since she was a baby and looks forward to it every year.

“Normally I have to be in school, but this is an opportunity to dance with my dad and be with my dad,” Kazdn said.

The ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha host events throughout the year giving service to the community as well as in efforts to fundraise money to give back to things such as scholarships.

The next event they will host will be the Pink Hat Tea, targeting women’s health and its importance.