FAMU SJGC holds capstone panel

Courtesy of FAMU SJGC

A panel of professors including Francine Huff, Maurice Johnson, Kenneth Jones, Dr. Lady Dhyana Ziegler and Dr. Juanita Hayes held a Capstone panel Wednesday evening to let Florida A&M University’s School of Journalism and Graphic Communication (SJGC) students know exactly what was what makes the perfect capstone presentation.

Students have been assigned to professors according to their last name, to receive advising for any worries or questions about articles and portfolios.

Jones advises last names A through Jackson, Huff advises last names Johnson through Porter and Hayes advises last names Raglan through Zulu

Dr. Ziegler wants students to know this is their time to show what has been instilled in them by their professors.

“This is your moment to shine. Showcase your knowledge, strut your stuff, don’t be cocky about it but professional. Express and deliver who you are (and) demonstrate your talents,” Ziegler said. “We are not looking for miracles. We are looking for you to be at the level we need you to be in before you leave here.”

Huff urges students to take capstone as serious as possible and use this opportunity as a mock job interview.

“When you come into capstone it is like a job interview. You are expected to know where you come from, where you are going and what are your goals. We want you to be able to tell us what are your key takeaways from the program. We want to see your best work,” Huff said. “You are your brand. You are editing yourself and selling yourself.”

FAMU’s SJGC has produced some of the best students that have gone out and became the best in their field.

Jones invites students to come to his office and take advantage of the portfolios he has from past capstone student who have stood out to him over the years.

He also advises students not to wait until the last minute to seek advisement and realize this is not as complicated and difficult as students think.

“You all can look through the portfolios and take pictures if you’d like an example. We have all the requirements spelled out in the syllabi. It’s not as difficult as it seems,” Jones said.

Every professor on the panel stressed the same thing: do not procrastinate. Students need to take advantage of resources and the professors on campus who are all well respected in their field.

Johnson wants every student to know they are capable of greatness.

“Be prepared to explain who you are, your struggles and triumphs, what helped you get through and what inspires you. Speak confidently,” Johnson said. “It’s so much talent here, you all can do this. I have the utmost confidence in you all. My door is always open for any help.”

Students are expected to have 10 published articles, a mini portfolio for each panelist and one master portfolio for presentation. Students must also be knowledgeable of current events and history important in their field.

Graduating students and underclassmen that would like to get a head start on capstone can find the course syllabus in the SJGC Dean’s Suite.