CareerSource Capital Region hosts hiring fair at TCC

Courtesy of Leah Wilson

Professionals both young and old gathered for the CareerSource Capital Region hiring fair at Tallahassee Community College’s Center for Workforce Development Wednesday.

With over 30 businesses in attendance, the fair matched career seekers proficient in information technology, financial services and broadcast journalism with interests in specified industries to maximize employment opportunities.

In comparison to other career fairs, director of client solutions and advancement at Capital Region Kara Palmer, said this one has a more direct approach.

“Ours is more of a targeted approach, an intimate approach, with the idea being that qualified career seekers will be matched with the appropriate employer,” Palmer said.

Companies such as First Commerce Credit Union, WXTL ABC 27 and TEK Systems were in attendance at the fair providing information of upcoming events as well as accepting resumes and applications.  

First Commerce Credit Union representative  Donna Moran encouraged career seekers of all professions to apply.

“By meeting the applicants face-to-face and finding out their interests, we can ascertain that and direct them into the positions that we have open,” Moran said. “We are accepting applications in the areas of IT and accounting.”

Aside from meeting with potential employers, career seekers were afforded the opportunity to truly be prepared for success.  For those that were not as familiar with the career seeking process, there were professional photographers on call to take head shots appropriated for employment purposes.

“Not only has this fair given job opportunities, it has also been a learning process,” Henry Okamy, career seeker said.  “Though a company may be looking for an IT position to fill, still drop off your resume for potential job purposes.”

For those interested in making themselves more marketable to future employers, Palmer said TCC will be hosting workshops.

“The career center at Tallahassee Community College will be hosting workshops focused on interviewing and branding yourself,” Palmer said. “We will show career seekers how to use Linked-In as a part of their job search amongst other vital tools.”  

To be further educated about upcoming career opportunities, please visit or contact Charlotte Brown at (850) 617-4504 and