Museum receives funding from Volunteer Florida Generation Fund

Courtesy of The Wolrd of Deej

The Tallahassee Museum, located off of Museum Drive, received a $10,625 grant from the Florida Volunteer Generation Fund (VGF) Tuesday.

The award was in honor of a project called Community Service Career, an organization connecting skill-based volunteers with under-served youth. The VGF is funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service, according to

Tallahassee Museum is one of the 15 nonprofit and service organizations across the state of Florida that have received funding by the VGF.

Tallahassee Museum Director of Education Natasha Hartsfield explains how Florida A&M University coincides with the grant.

“The grant is a project we’ve been working on in collaboration with Florida A&M University and Florida State University. With FAMU’s bio-systems engineering program as well as the science lab from Florida State, what we’re doing is connecting community service with careers,” Hartsfield said.

Tallahassee Museum’s mission is to inspire people to enrich their lives, to promote knowledge and understanding of the Big Bend’s cultural history, natural environment and build a better community.

Russell Daws, president and CEO of the museum expressed the purpose for the use of the $10k grant.

“The grant is going to allow us to recruit more volunteers and train them in areas where we have the greatest need,” Daws said.

As the community’s leading science and history museum, one goal is to bring STEM subjects to life and provide students in the Tallahassee area with a chance in obtaining a first-class education and 21st century learning skills.

“As the governor’s lead agency for volunteerism and national service in Florida, Volunteer Florida is excited to provide this funding to the Tallahassee Museum. The museum’s focus on STEM education is critical,” Chester W. Spellman, CEO of Volunteer Florida, said.

Florida’s Volunteer Generation Fund Program will help the museum recruit, manage, support and retain skill-based volunteers from STEM fields, specifically targeting high school students from area Title 1 schools.

For more information on the Tallahassee Museum’s Volunteer Program visit or call (850) 575-8684.