FAMU alumnus in the running to be city commissioner

Courtesy of Chavien Lockwood

Chavien Lockwood, Florida A&M University political science graduate, announced he's running for City Commissioner in District 2 of nearby Quincy Jan. 18.

Lockwood said that FAMU taught him to always stay humble, stay persistent and stay even-keeled. He also said that the journey has been nothing short of amazing, and the opportunity to be able to go door-to-door and meet great people is a blessing. 

“With great professors and mentors like the honorable Bill Proctor and the rest of the social science department along with a great dean, Dr. V. Mathews, I feel that I'm well equipped and ready for the task at hand,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood said that he was motivated to run for city commissioner because like others, he dreamed of going to a bigger city like Atlanta or Houston, but one day after prayer he heard the voice of God.

“Seeing my city struggling from the education system to the economy made me want to help better my community and my people,” Lockwood said. “What I intend on doing if I'm elected is returning the focus back to the students by way of having a great relationship with first the superintendent of schools, develop a relationship with our two great universities and also include other avenues for student who may not be interested in the college route.”

Lockwood added that the children are indeed our future, and if we continue to cheat them in exchange of making an extra dollar, it will eventually show later on.

Candace Daymond, FAMU alumna and close friend of Lockwood, said she happened to see the announcement via social media. Soon after, he contacted her and they spoke about his future plans.

“I believe he would make a great city commissioner because he has the knowledge base needed. If he truly commits to the people of Quincy and involves them in his campaign and his work in the city, he will be successful,” Daymond said.

She added that it's exciting to see a FAMU graduate interested in being a city commissioner in a rural community in Florida, stating that many people do not see the value in rural areas. 

Christopher Daniels, Ph.D., one of Lockwood’s former undergraduate professor said Chavien was an excellent student who always went above and beyond what was asked of him. 

“He had a great relationship with his classmates and was more than happy to help them when they needed help in the class,” Daniels said.

He added that Lockwood’s education in political science will help him to develop innovative ideas for the city.  

“He has developed great critical thinking and reasoning skills which will help him solve problems that may arise within the city,” Daniels said.

Voting in District 2 will be held on April 26 at your local precinct.