FAMU concert choir records with T-Pain

Courtesy of Tallahassee Democrat

Grammy award-winning artist T-Pain, commonly known for his unique use of autotune, returned to his hometown Jan. 26 to record with Florida A&M University’s concert choir. This was the first time the concert choir has collaborated with T-Pain.

T-Pain, whose stage name stands for Tallahassee Pain, has not released an album since “RevolveR” in 2012.

The music industry business tends to have a quick turnaround time for recorded tracks. It was understood by the members of the choir that T-Pain was visiting for more business than pleasure.

T-Pain and the choir spent only one hour recording his new outro record “I Believe.”

The sheet music for the track was sent ahead of the artists so the choir could prepare prior to the recording. 

Aniah Jackson, a second-year choir member from Jacksonville, expressed the choir preparation was time sensitive.

“We only had three days to learn the music,” Jackson said.

The choir holds rehearsal every weekday afternoon during the fall and spring semesters.

The FAMU Concert Choir was thrilled to be chosen to record a track with the famed artist.

FAMU concert choir director Mark Butler said other universities and church choirs were unable to learn the complicated piece in such a short time.

“No other choir could perform the heavily-sectioned piece. T-Pain and his team asked several church choirs before we were recommended to him,” Butler said.

Choir members praised T-Pain for his friendly, goofy demeanor during the collaboration. Many commented that it made the experience less stressful, although many still learned a great deal in the short hour.

Akeisha Mandela, third-year music industry student from Tallahassee, found the experience valuable.

“It was beneficial as a music industry student to work with (T-Pain),” Mandela said. “It reminded me that I have to be quick on my feet and that I have to be flexible … I am more classically trained, so I had to adjust to that style,” Mandela said.

T-Pain has remained loyal to his hometown giving Tallahassee shoutouts on numerous songs and visiting frequently.

It was only fitting that a Tallahassee choir has now eventually joined him on one of his albums.

T-Pain is projected to release his long-anticipated fifth studio album “Stoicville: The Phoenix” in May.

The FAMU Concert Choir will hold its spring concert on April 25.