TCC debuts Archive Gallery Exhibit to celebrate 50th anniversary

Courtesy of TCC

Tallahassee Community College continued to celebrate their 50th anniversary by debuting historical photos on Thursday, Jan. 28 in the Turner Auditorium.

The event commemorated 50 years of history at the college with a collection of images from its archives.

Host of the event, TCC President Jim Murdaugh, said the photos were a wonderful reminder of TCC’s rich history and the significance of the institution.

“The photos and documents we pulled from the archives are amazing. Some of the photos date back to before the door even opened,” Murdaugh said.

Candice Grause, the 50th Anniversary Advisory Group Subcommittee Chair, said the Archive Gallery Exhibit was a project that the Advisory Group had come up with to showcase the many beautiful photos we had collected over the years.

“I had many people help me get this project to the finish line. My subcommittee helped conceptualize the exhibit and the space. I had a group of long-serving faculty and fine arts staff members help curate the photos,” Grause said.

Grause was pleased with the event and believed it was a success.

“The communications and marketing staff assisted with the historic quotes and image descriptions, and the fine folks at Tallahassee Photo and Frame actually printed and delivered the finished product,” Grause said.  “We filled the Fine and Performing Arts Center with visitors from current and former faculty and staff, to alumni honorees, to TCC’s third President James Hinson. Everyone loved reconnecting with the college and seeing those beautiful photos.”

They also premiered a short film titled “Celebrating a Legacy, Building a Future” in honor of the 50th Anniversary.

Vice president for communication and marketing, Al Morgan, said it was a remarkable collection of memories they can share with the entire community.

“It definitely captured the college’s impact in the service district and beyond,” Morgan said.