Threats are made to Leon County schools via social media

Courtesy of WCTV

Leon County schools operated without incident after multiple threats surfaced on social media Sunday, Jan. 25. Security was heightened and students’ absences were excused.

Initially, a threat was only posed for Rickards and Lincoln high school students, but this morning Leon County Schools superintendent Jackie Pons confirmed that Godby High School and Cobb Middle School received threats as well.

Natalie Rubino, with WCTV, reported that Instagram user @boss.ju posted a picture with text that read the following:

“THIS IS A ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL ( LINCOLN STUDENTS) your all in danger if you come to school tomorrow I will be coming to your school with a hand gun in my backpack ready to shoot & black person as well as any whites that try & I stop me !! So if you coming to school watch your back cause I have 3 other accomplices with me ! We might start around lunch time or in A.M. [expletive] it.”

Nnother threat floating around through text messages was for Rickards High School:

“Rhs shootout!!!! Don't come to school tomorrow Monday January 25th, 2016!! I am sick of this [expletive] talking and petty nonsense, therefore tomorrow will be our first and final Rhs shootout. To save a life send this message to all your friends. Anyone who walks into the building is a dead man walking. Have a blessed evening because if you have beef its probably going to be your last.”

The Leon County Sheriff’s Office says they are conducting an ongoing investigation trying to trace the threats back to the source. Anyone caught could face charges.