Coach Celebrating its 75th anniversary

Coach is proud to announce its 75th anniversary as a company. Located in the in the Governor’s Square Mall in Tallahassee, Coach is holding their new exclusive event, offered to exclusive customers only.

Coach is holding a pre-sale to invite exclusive customers to get the first look of the 75th anniversary products. According to their website, the anniversary design aesthetic is to focus on the original designs of Coach products.

Started in 1941 as a family run workshop in New York City, Coach established itself as the original American house of leather. Their main focus is to become the company that defines global modern luxury. Surrounded by more accessible stores, Coach is viewed as  an island on its own in the governor square mall.

Store Manager at Coach in Governor's Square, Adrian Broom believes her company is the only store that is located in their mall that is selling a phenomenal product that may not be accessible to everyone.

“We are the only luxury company in this mall. We don’t discount anyone that comes in. Sometimes a customer may not be able to buy product right then, it has to be something that may have to work toward. But it’s aspirational, and we the sales team wants to be apart of that aspirational journey with them,” Broom said.

“Tallahassee being predominately filled with college students, Coach doesn’t get the drive that other surrounding stores get from college students. However, they do get college students on the frequently from FAMU, FSU, and TCC. “The schools also drives the traffic with their parents, so parent weekends or major football games drives traffic as well,” said Broom.

Rickila Smith, third-year business and administration student at FAMU from polk county, explains how she loves the Coach store at the mall. Smith said the experience she gets when she walks in the store is unlike any other store in the mall that she has been in.

“I just love going inside Coach. I grew up wearing coach throughout grade school  and now college. Coming to Tallahassee, I was elated to know there was a Coach nearby,” Smith said.

FAMU graduate and senior sale associates at Coach, Shariece Walker says how every customer is greeted with a unique and genuine response. Being at Coach since Oct. 2014, working there has been an experience for her.

“My favorite part about coming to work everyday is who am I going to meet. I have met so many people and built connections with customers. I learned it’s not about driving sale at times; it’s really just the art of getting to know each and every customer.”