Tallahassee Awarded Grant for Youth Summer Jobs Program

The United States Conference of Mayors announced that Tallahassee is one of five recipients of a $4,000 grant for the Tallahassee Future Leaders academy.

The grant is coming from the DollarWise Summer Youth Campaign. They support communities and Mayors who are implementing innovative youth programs like the TFLA.

“After only our first year, we are very pleased to see TFLA recognized nationally as a leading program for creating change and opportunities for young people," said Mayor Gillum.”

TFLA is a summer employment program that provides work opportunities to youth ages 15-20. The programs helps at-risk and high-achieving young in the community.

“Last summer we saw a marked impact in all of our participating young people, and with the help of these additional resources we will enhance our efforts to build and refine a program that prepares the future leaders of our community for the dynamic futures they deserve,” Mayor Gillum said.

Alicia Jones, mother of a 16-year-old high school student, encouraged her son to fill out a participant nomination form and was pleased to know about the grant.

“Knowing that is isn’t just our community supporting our kids is wonderful. I want my son to be a part of this program. After hearing about the grant from a close friend I inquired about the program and did some research,” Jones said. “My son loves the idea of being able to get professional training. I think it’s important for children to get this experience.”

Kenneriah Jenkins, a senior at Rickards High school heard about the program through one of her teachers.

“She told me about it and I told my mom. I think it’ll help me when I enroll into college and business school.”

The program matches employment, professional development training, financial literacy curricula, and career skills assessments.

The city hosted more than 100 youths in the six week program within all departments of government.

TFLA’s goal for the summer of 2016 is to grow the number of partnerships with local employers in the public, private and non-private sectors.