Cabernet Thursdays adds flair to Tallahassee nightlife

Light jazz, great atmosphere and great conversations are the main ingredients for Raymond Smith and Fred Harris’ Cabernet Thursdays, held at Aloft Hotel on North Monroe Street on Jan. 21. 

Courtesy of Kiana Montgomery

The jazz group Primetime were the star performers. The audience swayed and softly sang along to the group’s rendition of songs like “Say Yes” by Floetry, ”Keep it Flowing” by the Isley Brothers, “Saturday Love” by Cherrelle and “Can You Stand the Rain” by New Edition. 

Harris said when it comes to their vision and what they wanted to offer the people of Tallahassee, it’s simple.

“It’s an opportunity for young professionals to come out and have a good time. We have a very diverse crowd: doctors, realtors and attorneys (and) a great mix of people,” Harris said. “It’s a great opportunity to network.”

Raymond Smith, the public relations side of this duo wanted to give the people of Tallahassee something they didn't know they were missing.

“We did this to bring an alternative to the city as well. We wanted to give live music and give people an alternative from the clubs,” Smith said. “I saw this as an opportunity to bring Tallahassee’s young professionals out.”

The pair, who started this event August of last year, feel this is the type of affair Tallahassee citizens need but don’t know what they are missing.

“This is something that’s different in Tallahassee. You can look around and you won’t find anything like it. For the young professionals just getting into the workforce this is a great chance for you to come meet new people,” Harris said. “This is an event I think people should come and enjoy at least two or three times.”

It seems as though the ‘70s and ‘80s cool kids have finally let the ‘90s babies join the club. Songs featured at this event are the type of songs this demographic will appreciate.

“The nightlife for the younger college student is covered, (and) the nightlife for the seasoned veteran is covered. The nightlife for the in between just isn't there in Tallahassee and we are trying to fill that void,” Smith said.

Tiniesha Sulker, FAMU alumna, enjoyed her first time at the event and hopes there will be more patrons like her coming out to enjoy a nice ambience.

“The event had a great vibe, and I love the atmosphere,” Sulker said. “I think with a little more exposure this will be a highly successful networking event for the professional crowd of Tallahassee.”

Cabernet Thursdays will be a monthly occasion at Aloft Hotel. Be sure to keep watch on