Being A Vegetarian in College

College students are often concerned about making it to class the morning after a huge party or completing an assignment on time. Very few spend time contemplating whether or not they will continue eating meat for the rest of the lives.

Although, there are millions of diets that can produce the same results, vegetarianism is ranked in the t

op 20 diets. More and more people worldwide are transitioning to the vegetarian lifestyle, not only because it is a growing trend but most importantly because they can reduce their risk of foodborne illnesses, live longer, reduce weight and much more according to the vegetarian Times.

Ashley Morgan, a film studies student at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, says the biggest benefits she has received from becoming a vegetarian is she has a lot more energy than before as well as more energy than the people around her.

“I definitely feel a lot cleaner than before, and this has a huge affect on my body and how fast I move throughout the day,”  Morgan said.

Unlike meat, vegetables provide more energy because they absorb energy directly from the sun, creating natural energy according to an energy scientist blogger Chris Woodford.

Morgan said the main challenge of being a vegetarian in college is maintaining her lifestyle while on a budget. She spends the same amount of time doing research on the best way to transition to this new way of life.

Matt Frazier from No Meat Athlete expressed that shopping vegetarian can actually cost less than shopping for meat.

“Replacing the meat with tempeh or tofu would be more expensive than replacing it with beans, but that still wouldn't result in a higher grocery bill if you were to buy meat,” Frazier said.

Vegetarian blogs spots such as The Vegetarian Times,, and more post daily about new Vegetarian recipe ideas and how to achieve them on a budget.

While school should be the most important thing in a college student's life, health should not fall far behind it. Visit your campus health clinic to see what diet is right for you.