Lady Rattlers get Huge win over Coppin State

Courtesy of Stephen Gude Jr.

After nearly handing over the game, Florida A&M's Lady Rattlers got a burst of wind to clinch a 79-73 win that sent the Bald Eagles back to there cave.

They got off to a rough start and the Lady Rattlers struggled throughout the first quarter, trailing behind Coppin State 14-21.

They took over momentum second quarter finishing the half with a lead of 35-25.

Continuing the momentum the Lady Rattlers maintained a 10-point lead, shooting at 56.3 percent.

FAMU lost their momentum at the bottom of the fourth but refusing to give up the Lady Rattlers kept striking. Final score was FAMU 79, Coppin State 73.

The Lady Rattlers had 4 players that scored in the double digits and 41 rebounds throughout the game. They are now 10-9 for the season, MEAC 4-2.

Olivia Antilla led her team with 21 points, three assists and seven rebounds.

"I feel we came out like a fire. Meaning that we just lost to Morgan but a team stay together." Antilla said. "We build on our lead at times and we kept our composer and we just kept fighting today. As long as we keep this up we shouldn't have any issues at all for the rest of the season."

Another major factor in the game was Khadejra Young. She scored 16 points and had two assists.

"I feel like we came out with more intensity than last game. Last game the intensity wasn't there at all so we really stepped it up this game." Young stated. "And I think for this game, what made so big of a difference was the three point plays."

After their performance on Saturday LeDawn Gibson, head coach of the Lady Rattlers, was very pleased at Monday night’s game.

"We started off pretty rocky but we got them way back in the second and the third quarter we came out roaring. We let them get back in the game and then we ended up pulling out,” Gibson stated. "Taking away from this win that's something we have to work on. Keeping our momentum going throughout the whole entire game and not having so many spurts and allowing to have big spurts."

The Lady Rattlers will be facing Howard University this Saturday at 2 p.m.