Apple Offers Resume Workshop For Students

Apple is offering Florida A&M University students a few tips and suggestions about how to perfect their resumes Tuesday afternoon in the School of Business and Industry building from 4-6 p.m.

The workshop is provided by the Career Center to prepare students for job opportunities after their college endeavors.  

Delores A. Dean, director of The Career Center, expressed her passion and care for FAMU students and said they should take full advantage of the opportunities that the center provides.

“Your main goal when you come to college is have a job when you graduate,” Dean said. “How are you going to do that if you don’t invest in the time needed and the resources? Some students come here (and) they don’t even have a resume. We provide you with the opportunities for helping you and assisting you with writing your resume.”

First-year business students, Kavon Bryant from Atlanta, Ga. and Rona Jacob from Miami said the biggest tip they learned from the resume workshop was to be concise and accurate.

The Career Center offers plenty of other opportunities for students besides resume workshops. The Career Fair, Interviewing and Dressing for Success are other workshops composed to get students ready for life after school.

Jacob said that she loves what the Career Center has to offer and also said she won’t hesitate to attend another event just like this.

“The Career Center services a lot of different workshops and activities for students to help you better yourself as you go into the professional workforce,” Jacob said. “Also, they help with internships and finding jobs.”

Bryant was more than ready to attend the resume workshop mainly because of the company who hosted it.

“I love Apple,” Bryant said. “It’s my dream company to work for, so absolutely I’ll come anytime they have it,” he said. “4 o’clock in the morning I’ll be here.”

Dean said Apple has hired more than 30 FAMU students this year to work part-time.