Overpriced Fast food

Courtesy of Red Robin

First and foremost, if you’re looking for an actual red robin in the establishment then you’re being too literal.

Also, it’s not the most sanitary idea to have a bird or any type of animal around food.

However, Red Robin was not always the official name of the restaurant.

The original owner, Sam loved the song, Red Robin, so much that he changed his establishments name from Sam’s Tavern to Sam’s Red Robin.

In 1969 Sam sold his establishment to a local Seattle entrepreneur, Gary Kingen who dropped the “Sam’s” and simply kept the restaurant as Red Robin and expanded it.

The menu is complex: They have a plethora of burgers to choose from, fish and chicken sandwiches, appetizers, non-burger entrees, wraps and sandwiches, soup, salad, sides, dessert, and tons of alcoholic beverages.

The Royal Red Robin is a 3-ounce steak burger, that was cooked medium well served with bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and a egg fried hard on top, served between two sesame seed buns.

After ordering, the waiter politely asked me, “pink or no pink?”

They don’t use the terms, well-done, medium well, or medium rare.

All burgers come with thick cut bottomless steak fries that are all you can eat. Served in a tin bottomless fry holder.

Lots of people get refills on the fries, not because they are delicious, but because they are included.

After the first bite I wasn’t convinced that I made the right decision for lunch. The burger was quite small and bland, but edible thanks to some condiments.

For the price of $10.99 I expected the burger to be bigger and better than any burger I’ve ever had, being that this was the most expensive burger I’ve ever paid for.

As for the quality, there were flat screens plastered all around the establishment showing the recent games and a unique U.S. portrait, which pointed out all of the Red Robin locations.

Red Robin is definitely a gourmet burger restaurant that needs more work on the gourmet part.

The over priced burger lacked in seasoning and portion sizes.

However their goal is clear, a cleaner, high-scale, and expensive burger establishment.

Judging by the combined sales of close to 1 million dollars, they’ve met their goal.

Checkout: The bottomless fries and bottomless drinks.

Needs work: Seasoning and variety, there are too many options for a burger restaurant.

Details: Most major credit cards. Takeout available. Accessible.